Should The Ladies Be Covering Up Their Breasts?

Female breast exposure has always been a subject of controversy, and nowadays, the focal point of several campaigns such as Free the Nipple. But how did this body part of women become so sexualized? The female breast is made and utilized for breastfeeding to take care of babies, how did this become the new focus of pornography and different industries who looked to make a pretty penny of exploiting the female physique, emphasizing specifically on the breast and nipples? Continue reading

Breast Actives for Natural Breast Enhancement

Many women want to increase their bust size. Tired of trying to find well-fitting bras, shirts, and clothing made for women with larger breasts, sometimes it seems like options are limited. Having breast enhancement surgery is expensive and can be dangerous also, with many side effects and corrective surgery. For women interested in increasing their bust without the problems associated with surgery, natural breast enhancement with Breast Actives is a safe and affordable solution. Continue reading

Many Women Would Like a Bigger Bust

Lots of females can love a larger breast yet they seem the expense of receiving surgical procedure to increase the size of their breasts is excessive or the rehabilitation time is an excessive amount of or they worry the agony of surgical procedure or several additional purposes.

The other choice is applying breast advancement tablets. This is a much less expensive choice as well as you do not require any kind of rehabilitation time. Continue reading

The Attraction of Women’s Breasts

The distinctive curve of a woman’s breasts, their sensitivity to touch, their erotic appeal, the responsiveness of the nipples and their role in feeding babies give them an aesthetic appeal and functional quality that are distinctly feminine. The human female breast is a beautiful alluring feature of the female body, that holds an irresistible attraction for the male. Continue reading

Body Art


Assuming life to be the greatest form of art, at that point it appears to be normal for artists to utilize the physical body as a medium. This is precisely what numerous Performance artists did to express their unmistakable perspectives and make their voices heard in the recently freed social, political, and sexual atmosphere that rose in the 1960s. It was a liberating time where artists felt engaged to make art perpetually individual by dropping customary mores of art making and picked to utilizing themselves as living model or canvas. This brought about head on showdown amongst artists and group of onlookers, delivering a startlingly insinuate better approach to encounter art. Continue reading